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Our goal is to find and present math ebooks and other math related digital materials. Resources are available for teachers and parents as well as material that is appropriate for primary, elementary, intermediate, middle school and high school students. Educational ebooks represent a wonderful opportunity for educators using technology to implement powerful learning tools quickly and efficiently. Most of the titles reviewed use PDF to deliver the content via a convenient download. PDF files are also compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems and they work on desktop, notebook, netbook, and tablet computers, including the iPad.

Many of the books listed on the site will include reproducible worksheets that can be used as a classroom set. The worksheets can be printed if necessary or passed out to use on student computers. Enhanced ebooks provide greater flexibility in the use of the material. These books allow copying of the text to other documents to allow customization of the lesson. The sequence and size of the book can also be altered, allowing differentiating for different classes or student levels. The PDF files also work well with interactive whiteboards, including SmartBoards and ActivBoards. Projecting the books during the teaching process allows interaction that stimulates the teaching process.

Ebooks can be downloaded almost instantly and stored on a variety of devices. A years worth of curricular materials will easily fit on a flash drive for safe keeping as well as quick access from almost any computing device.

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